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​​​Environmental conservation is important to protect critical habitats of plants and animals. Conservation efforts protect our resources from harmful effects of man-made and natural hazards and contaminants. Osage has completed environmental conservation projects for Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC) Mid-Atlantic and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. We have performed wetlands delineation, fish sampling, monitoring agricultural lease maintenance requirements, assisting with hunting and fishing programs, and other associated natural resource activities and initiatives. Osage projects have also included conducting stream assessment surveys, biological water chemistry monitoring for aquatic life, and collecting and processing of biological data and review/update of various biological management 


operational plans/Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Osage assisted Milan Army Ammunition Plan (Milan AAP) with managing their natural resources program including coordination of the hunting and fishing programs; collecting and reporting harvest data for deer and other small game; maintenance of food plots; forestry program management; timber marking; and gypsy moth data collection and reporting.

Conservation capabilities include Threatened and Endangered Species Management Plans, Biological and Toxicological Assessments, Flora and Fauna Inventories, Habitat Restoration, Wetlands Services, and Constructed Wetlands Services.