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Here are some of the comments and awards our customers have bestowed on us . . . .

  • ​“All contract requirements were fulfilled, the contractor did an excellent job in removing the saturated soil and helping then Navy reach its regulatory endpoint requirements for this site.  Through a contract modification, the onsite treatment system was also removed, recycling/reusing existing equipment where possible.  I would highly recommend Osage for any future construction projects of this scope and magnitude.”
  • “Without the great work of the Osage auditors in their continual effort of identifying Class V wells, getting wells closed within 90-days; And the great work of Benesch in developing the UIC Class V Well Inventory on the EMS site, DECRM could not have taken the spot-light within the Department for implementation and continual improvement of a management system (EMS) and auditing program (EMAP) that works!”
  • ​…we again offer earnest appreciation to your office, the Division of Environmental and Cultural Resources Management (DECRM), your contractor(s) Osage of Virginia, Benesch, and more specifically, Mr. Spencer Cooper and Alison Zeytoonian for exercising their highly professional talents in the deployment of the Environmental Management System for Indian Affairs. Your successful product and the team’s efforts continue to be regarded, as strategically well-conceived and comprehended, and that team development for successful deployment was magnificently achieved, skillfully marketed and continues to be effectively managed. This office congratulates you for your overwhelming success and must rely on your continued support and leadership to sustain our EMS goals.
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