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This EO requires agencies to meet a number of ambitious greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, and waste reduction targets to improve environmental performance, foster alternative energy innovations, and save taxpayer dollars. Osage’s support for sustainable practices includes sustainable building assessments; emissions calculations; pollution prevention initiatives; energy and water conservation plans and implementation; waste minimization plans; electronic stewardship plans; green purchasing plans and implementation; waste stream characterization and analysis; waste diversion data collection and reporting; source reduction; and integration of sustainable practices goals into the organization’s environmental management system (EMS).

Executive Order (EO)13693 requires Federal agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve building efficiency, reduce fleet petroleum consumption, conserve water, advance waste and pollution prevention, promote sustainable acquisition, and leverage Federal purchasing power to promote environmentally-responsible products and technologies.
The Federal Government owns or manages more than 900K buildings or other structures across the country, operates more than 600K vehicles, employs more than 1.8M civilians, and purchases more than $500B/year in goods and services. This EO builds on and expands the sustainable practices and environmental requirements of EOs 13423 and 13514 by making reductions of greenhouse gas emissions a priority of the Federal government, and by requiring agencies to develop sustainability plans focused on cost-effective projects and programs. Benefits to the taxpayer include substantial energy savings and cost savings from improved efficiency.